Academics May Be the Key to Your future

I am really going to focus on academics so I can earn a good income in the future. It is something that is important to me. I know that I want to eventually pursue higher education, and I am looking forward to that so it is vital to me to focus on academics. Academics are the key to a viable future so this is one of the things that I can do.

Academics are the key to getting into a good university and being able to apply and be accepted to the school of your choice. There are so many possibilities when it comes to an advanced degree, and you can get the educational options you need if you have the academic record you can utilize. This is why I have decided that I will focus on academics in order to give myself a shot at a future I can be happy about. This is one of the things that I need to do for myself.

I can make sure that I have the backing of my current teachers and future professors when I focus on academics. Thinking about the bright future ahead of me is why I want to really focus on academics and look forward to the ways that I can get ahead. It is osmething good to do and something that I can use. History, Science, Mathematics these are all subjects that are important int he overall scheme of things, and important subjects that are going to help me in the future. This is why I want to focus on academics. I am willing and able to focus on academics and I know that this can help me with my future endeavors. I will look for the chances to focus on academics, so I can earn a degree or certification to get a career I can be excited about.

Debating: School or No School

I never thought I would be debating on getting a college degree. Of course, like many people, I have concerns about getting a college degree. When I have a husband, kids, and a home to take care of.

Luckily, all that can be easily taken care of with financial aid. I can get up to $5,775 a school year, if I attend full-time (12 credit hours). If the financial aid doesn’t cover all of my expenses, I can always take out government loans that I can pay back six months after I finish getting my degree.

This will take a lot of stress off my plate. I will no longer have to worry about financing my schooling, which is amazing! I never would have thought I could easily afford to pursue higher education.

Now all I have to do is find a college that offers the degree that I want and apply! Nowadays, there are so many degrees to go for. I don’t want to choose a degree that won’t let me have a job in that field. That is the only downfall and what scares me and many others who are in the same boat I am. No one wants to spend four years and hundreds of thousands of dollars to get a degree and be stuck working at McDonald’s either.

So, if you are like me debating on whether or not going to school is right for you, you can’t turn down your education being paid in full. You have nothing to lose. Take the plunge like I am and get working for a better career and more income.

Just a Little Bit Further

Growing up I never really saw the importance of having a good career. Whenever I thought about it I just decided that I would live life the way I wanted to and if I wanted a minimum wage job than I would have one. Obviously we all know how well this did not go for me. I worked a small store for five years making just as little as a person possibly can. I struggled for may years until I finally made the decision that I needed a new career. I was sick of being late on rent, missing my car payments and never having a penny in my name. It all just seemed so disgusting to me that I had led myself down this unpaved path that lead to nowhere at all

Instead of stewing on my wasted years I have put all my pent up anger into motivation. I no longer pout because I have no money, I go out and check out college campus’s instead. On my spare time instead of sleeping I now call agencies to see if my grant has been accepted yet and go online religiously to see what courses are being offered. Doing all these things helps me keep my focus on my career and it gives me no chance to let go of these new dreams I have made for myself. I have no room for error anymore as I am an adult and need to start living and acting like one. I know my parents would love to hear those words coming from my mouth.

I just figured that if I keep myself busy doing positive things than in no time at all I will be in school and well on my way to a better life. I cannot wait for the day to come that I am in my very own home, driving MY car to work, while having an excellent education that I worked hard for. To many this seems to crazy of a dream, but to me it is just within my grasp and I just need to reach a little bit further and I will be right where I have always wanted to be in life. It is just a matter of time.

To all those that have been supportive of me along the way, I greatly appreciate the strong hands holding me up. To all those that have frowned upon my dreams, watch and see as I fly past you with my success story. I will not give up on this no matter how much negativity floats around me. I have never in my life held on to a dream as big as this and if I was to give it up I would forever be ashamed because my life career depends on this. So does my opportunity to lead a successful life. So anyone or anything that stands in my path of getting to my destination will be pushed aside for the time being until my goals are all completed.

The Pursuit of Higher Education

There was never a doubt in my mind that I would go to college. From the time that I entered high school I knew that I would have a desire to pursue a higher education. I come from a family of people that did not have degrees. I knew that this was something that put a lot of limitations on the money that my parents could earn.

I was very excited about the thought of getting a degree in the world of information systems because I knew that this would take me a lot of further. There are so many different aspects of technology to pursue. I knew that I could not do anything without a degree or a certification in technology. It was evident that education was so important at the start of my high school career.

Career counselors in the high school informed me that I would really increase my income if I got the degree. I was excited about the thought of this because I had a desire to go into network engineering. I was aware that this was impossible without a higher form of education. I knew that the program would be challenging, but I loved the thought of a good challenge. I was thrilled to learn about the number of network communications classes and programming classes that I would get to enroll in.

Obtaining a degree this way is a surefire path to success. I have searched online for jobs and have seen the discrepancy in the people that have degrees in comparison to the people that do not have degrees. Getting prepared for the things that I want in life will require a degree so I have not let the excitement die down. There are a lot of people that seem to wonder what the keys to success are. They hop from one thing to another trying to find the path to riches and success. I have never had any doubt that I could earn a very lucrative salary just by obtaining a degree in my field.

It was exciting to know that the higher education that I have chosen to pursue will be the launchpad to a great career. I will have the opportunity to learn about everything from network and hardware to software applications and programming. This is a wonderful time because I can get exposed to so much by obtaining an education in this field. I believe that I will even return to obtain a Master’s degree in the information systems field when I complete the undergraduate program. There are so many facets and so much to learn about. I did pick up some things in high school, but the college program seems to be so much more in-depth. I would encourage more people to take the plunge and pursue a higher education like I have. There are many jobs that require a degree, and I do not want to be denied an opportunity because I failed to obtain a degree.

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